Vray unhandled exception updating

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Vray unhandled exception updating

If updating the driver for your video card doesn't help resolve the issue, you can also turn off the hardware acceleration for the video driver in Surfer.

Since Surfer won’t open, you can do this with the following steps: We have also seen that some other programs, such as Webroot Secure Anywhere, caused the same error.

As I analyzed what I had been doing just before the problem occurred, the only thing that stood out was that I had been making rapid and/or multiple changes to objects; for example, both changing an object's format style and at the same time deleting an existing style from the list displayed. When I deleted these recently-edited objects, , and then recreated the objects from scratch, VOILA! So now I make it a habit to make object changes more slowly and save them often, hoping this will help pre-empt the problem. We also have experienced this situation in both Business Objects 5.1.2 and 5.1.3, and in most cases deleting the universes from c:\ or letting the client machine using more swap memory fixed the problem.

But now things are getting worser, since we faced an upgrade to SP6 (Business Objects 5.1.6, Web Intelligence 2.7.2).

Uninstall the product, Purge the Registry for all Business Objects Entries, Reinstall My twist - this problem yesterday was for one report only. AND - I had upgraded to SP6 during all this and the corrupted report was OK on my PC thru ZABO but SP 6 has that other problem I posted this morning.

Somewhere in here is the key to all the errors But I think the report got corrupted for any number of reason: difference in version, complex filters (KX res 10849) and lots of variables and reports tabs and overall large size., as opposed to the entire universe being corrupted.

Don't forget about Tools/Universe - you can try and force an import from here. Occasionally, one of those dlls is a duff version - try tracking that down. Miscellaneous resolutions Try a full reinstallation of BO. deinstall, make sure no trace of files, folders and registry entries before reinstalling. CURRENT_USER registry (1.) by asking the user whether a co-worker, logging-into BO with a different BO account (on the same machine), experiences the same error.Also, could have problems with duplicate version of dlls, same file, e.g. Rahul, what I would do is look at the text of the error where it mentions a number of dlls. Find it on the PC, what version is it, what is its date and time? Not very scientific but it has worked for me in the past.Compare this information to that of the same dll on a machine that works? When does the error occur exactly, as resolution 4 is quite a rare one...?Something goes wrong with this counter so BO is not happy to get the new universe.Mostly this is solved by deleting the existing universe from the C:\ drive and then forcing and import.

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Here are a number of causes and potential resolutions. Part of the Business Objects NT profile becoming corrupt.

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