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sexual offenders); Policing, probation, and community sentences; Prison abolition and recidivism approaches; Liaison and diversion away from the criminal justice system; Reducing the cycle of re-offending and related community work; Institutionalisation theory and penal settings; Historical and current prison architecture; State corporal punishment and morality; The social and health profile of offenders; Crime and mental illness; Offender health: prevention, promotion, and treatment; Prison healthcare; Personality disordered offenders and offenders with learning/intellectual disability.Medical Sociology: Medical sociology and anthropology (esp.Semi-structured interviews are conducted in a male category B prison with healthcare centre staff (e.g.

The prison setting can fashion or exacerbate mental illness.Funds awarded from the Uo N Rights & Justice Research Priority Area 2017 £2,590 PI = Dr Mel Jordan Two research assistants for qualitative data analysis collaboration on penal reform study from internal Uo N competitive funding source 2017 £7,500 PI = Dr Mel Jordan The 4 Ps Study: Public Protection Police Performativity (Police Health & Wellbeing In The Sex Crime Unit) Funds awarded from the Uo N Health Humanities Research Priority Area 2016, £4,000, Uo N Ga PP RPA, Penal Reform Study 2013 £5,000 Melanie Jordan, Social Futures in Mental Health, Institute of Mental Health, University of Nottingham, Study: An exploration of the creative practice of capoeira as a community pursuit and links with well-being 2013 £21,170 Eddie Kane, Melanie Jordan, Centre for Health and Justice, Institute of Mental Health, University of Nottingham, Study: Her Majesty's Prison Service, Mental Health Needs Assessment, NHS Buckinghamshire 2013 £90,000 Eddie Kane, Melanie Jordan, 2012 ~ Ph D ~ Prison mental health: Context is crucial A sociological exploration of male prisoners' mental health and the provision of mental healthcare in a prison setting Abstract: This thesis represents a sociological exploration of Her Majesty's Prison Service, male prisoners' mental health, and the provision of National Health Service mental healthcare in a prison setting.This qualitative social science study is conducted in one prison establishment.Research and teaching interests: Criminology: Theoretical criminology; Penology philosophy and practice; Sociology of deviance and criminological theories of deviance; Victimology; Crime and social dimensions; Sociology of prisons and incarceration; Prison culture(s); Ventriloquist populism, media, politics, and the criminal justice system; Sociological research in the justice system (e.g.ethnographic work in prisons); The criminal justice system workforce; Crimes of the powerful and white collar crime; Sex crime and approaches to sexual offenders; Offending behaviours and morality; Private prisons and immigration removal centres; Female prisoners; Vulnerable prisoners (e.g.

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Current Teaching: UG3 Sex Crime UG2 Prisons & Society MA Criminology: Theories & Concepts MA Contemporary Issues & Debates in Criminology Current School Admin Roles: Programme Director for the MA in Criminology School Research Activities Lead Current Research: Research interests include prisons, ethnography, philosophy and ethics in the criminal justice system, transnational organised crime ( Ongoing research planning and submitted grant applications in the fields of: Prison built environment; Labelling in secure settings; Perinatal period identity work; Philosophy of interviewing; Penal reform; Music-making behind bars; Intrafamilial deviance narratives; Anti-slavery; Construction of deviance in childcare settings. Zoe Trodd 's Uo N Rights Lab Beacon Dr Mel Jordan & Dr Nicola Wright - Care & Custody Lever - re.