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In short, they accept both Chen (the style used in the last study design) and the ‘crowsfeet’ style. You should also use one of these styles in your outcomes. 1:many) is now officially included Examples: Chen showing only top-level elements Detailed Chen Crowsfeet notation ITI U3O1 KK 10 – design tools for representing solutions Data Dictionary design tool Entity Relationships Diagram (ERD) (updated version for 2016 with Chen, Crow’s feet and cardinality) Design Tools for Websites – for example, sitemaps, storyboards, mockups (no tools are mandated in the study design) ITI U3O1 KK 11 – functions and techniques within an RDBMS to efficiently and effectively validate and manipulate data Data validation checks the reasonableness of input data. The database could, however, detect that no age was provided or that the answer was “eighteen”.

Testing checks the accuracy of outputs and solution behaviours.

‘Querying of resources’ refers to the practice of extracting data from datasets. CSIRO, au, Victorian government data) provide public data that can be searched by citizens.

Also many organisations with large data repositories (e.g.

ITI U3O1 KK01 – techniques used by organisations to acquire data through their interactive online solutions and reasons for their choice Websites and data This KK repeats KK 14 below – reasons why organisations acquire data using online facilities, including ITI U3O1 KK03 – characteristics of data types Data-Types (link fixed ) Data types are not defined for Informatics.

The glossary says “Data types are the particular forms that an item of data can take including numeric, character and Boolean, and are characterised by the kind of operations that can be performed on it.

User flow diagrams incorporate user interfaces and show the multiple entry points to interactive online solutions, for example, paid advertisements, social media and search engines may direct a user to a location in the solution other than the home page. The VCAA will not be mandating a specific style of user flow diagrams; however, it is important that the diagrammatic representations show a user’s interaction with an online solution when conducting a transaction, as well as the user interface for the page that initiates the transaction. This one appeared in the 2016 VCAA Informatics Exam… Primary data is collected by the researcher for a specific purpose. Primary data – if gathered properly – will be reliable and relevant to the research question.

Its collection will, however, be expensive, slow, and of limited quantity.

Secondary data has been collected by other people or organisations.Data Validation ITI U3O1 KK 17 – user flow diagrams [UFD] that depict different ways in which users interact with online solutions.User Flow Diagrams (UFD) – new for 2016 The study design glossary defines a UFD as…Secondary data is most commonly from: the internet; encyclopaedias; newspapers, magazines, TV, radio shows; reference books.Note: sometimes the distinction between primary and secondary data is blurry.

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For example, a newspaper’s editorial on politics is clearly secondary data, but when it is used as data for an original purpose (e.g.