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They can be as happy, as roller coaster, or as creepy as anything the real world can throw at you.

Your only real benefit is you immediately share a common interest and, at least to start, you have anonymity on your side protecting you.

Flirting may or may not lead to cyber sex, but somewhere along the line affection is professed, and a relationship - albeit sans a dinner and a movie - is born. She insists they do things together and whines if they don't.

She joins his guild, is welcomed in with smiles, and makes a lot of friends and acquaintances in the process. The more Mary Sue and Slater get to know each other, the more they find they don't mix. He, not out of callousness, but out of disinterest in the activities she wants to do, could care less.

People maybe have cyber flings in MMOs, but no one really has real relationships, and certainly none that last!

" For those of you that are skeptical, I don't blame you.

Most articles about "dating in MMOs" have the same kind of vague language that frequents urban legends: "my guildmate's sister plays on another server and she totally knows someone who hooked up after they ran Molten Core!

" Well guess what: this author is one of those weirdos who met someone via MMOs, met them in real life, and even got married later. However, I'm not going to be all bright-eyed about it and recommend it to all the socially anxious youngsters out there who think dating in a game will be easier for them than finding someone in the flesh first.

Ever known a couple playing together that just has to group together, or neither goes at all?

The rest of us know it's just too sickly sweet and unnatural.

It boils down to this: relationships online aren't any prettier than real world relationships.

There's not always an opportunity to dodge the people you've burned bridges with, but there's a huge difference between an ex-guild leader and an ex-lover.

Now let's pause here, because you're possibly thinking, "Wait, back it up.

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They are, indeed, the minority of relationships started online. Let's take a semi-hypothetical situation: Mary Sue meets Slater in a group one day, and they hit it off, sharing lots of jokes.