Jennylee and nate dating Sex date games

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Jennylee and nate dating

Beauty and the Geek contains both empowering and overpowering images, thereby sending contradicting messages to the contestants and viewers.

In a piece discussing image-based culture, Sut Jhally writes, "Sexuality provides a resource that can be used to get attention and communicate instantly" (253).Trying to make the geeks more attractive seems to somewhat defeat the purpose of the show.Part of the show’s goal is to make the men more confident in themselves, and feeling more attractive on the outside can certainly increase self-esteem, so the makeover idea does have some merit.Viewers saw numerous geeks attempting to get their partners to read and study, but some beauties chose not to listen.The women did what they pleased (which sometimes meant studying, but not in all cases) while the men begged them to put their efforts toward the competition, illustrating the women’s dominance and power.

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