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His stories stuck to her mind, they were burned into her like hieroglyphics and they exhilarated her.

One day she decided to take it a step further and make him write about what he would do to her, and his simple response was that he only thought of her when he wrote.

Her mind kept racing back to how she felt when she read his stories.

She replaced the names of the female characters in her stories with her own as she read his writings.Her small hands were trembling and she felt like she could fall over at any moment. she said to herself and she mustered up the courage to finish her sentence, "I..." But before she could finish he hunched over closer to her face, "You are very beautiful, I didn't expect you to have freckles too." Leia's head began to scramble, the reality of the situation slowly began to sink in more and more and she was speechless. Thomas pulled her towards him and leaned towards her ear and whispered, "I'm pretty scared too.Thomas entered her apartment and Leia had no choice but to close the door and stop hiding. I don't really know what to say to such a beautiful girl." Leia looked at his hands on hers, and he pulled her closer to him, she put her head on his chest and she could feel his heart vibrate in his chest.Instead of sending her the usual cheesy pickup lines, and a picture, this fan had sent her a sequel of her latest story.This was the first time someone sent her an erotic story so she decided to read it. Throughout the week he sent her more stories and she became addicted to reading how the characters from her fiction were melting from pleasure.

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Leia's body shivered from the last story he sent her describing what he wanted to do to her.