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It took me over four hours to drive out to the site on Saturday night.The stage, about an inch deep in water, was protected by a leaky tarp and there were exposed electrical outlets. Mike Glab: I took a hit of Orange Sunshine that Saturday night, my first acid trip.More than 30 bands were promised for the three-day event, among them The Faces, Joe Cocker, Black Sabbath, Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles. The event was originally set to take place in Evansville, Indiana, but promoters Bob Alexander and Tom Duncan were forced to change location after the mayor banned the festival.Having already booked the acts, taken out an ad in Rolling Stone magazine and sold thousands of tickets, the pair couldn’t back down.Bob Alexander (co-promoter): All we ever set out to do was to have a great show and make a lot of money.

I could have sworn I saw the tendons and bones inside of me...

Canned Heat took the stage next, boogied for a long time and warmed things up.

Fito De La Parra (Canned Heat): We always wanted to play, no matter what the circumstances.

Instead they prepared a new site on Bull Island, a peninsula on the Wabash River.

One day before the gates opened, with fans flocking to the site, Alexander and Duncan announced the new location.

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Come hell or high water, the people were going to have an event. Bob Alexander: They were on WLS [Chicago radio station] every 15 minutes talking about the festival. we knew people were coming because of all the phone calls we received. As we approached the festival site along Interstate 65, the road started to clog up, but we could still move.

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