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Dating site france

You might say, that having lived in the French Alps for the last 15 years that Helen Watts, director and teacher at the Alpine French School in Morzine, Haut-Savoie, is living the dream, but has it all been plain sailing and what’s expat life really […] Having visited many of the most loved and stunning French attractions over the years, my husband and I are always on the lookout for undiscovered, out of the way places, depending on our route.

By renting a car, navigating small roads and having a flexible itinerary, we allow for an easier access to unknown places.

It wasn’t just the language barrier – “it was also wanting to meet others with the same backgrounds, history, traditions and heritage.

That was a difficult period and despite all the kindness and help from my close and supportive friends, I felt very alone.” Like so many people living here in France who do find themselves alone for one reason or another, she eventually thought about how it may be possible to meet someone new.

‘I joined a few French dating sites and met some very nice people.

[…] The Alsace Wine Route The region of Alsace, in the northeast of France, has a reputation to uphold.

It’s funny how you never tend to spend much time traveling in your own region, so as a resident of Alsace, I decided to spend a day exploring the Alsace Wine Route.

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